MixitWin is for Microsoft Windows 10. The MixitWin program includes a tutorial and a USB Port authorization key. Also included is MixitPC, a new companion program to MixitWin that allows you to share and modify rations on any computer without the key required by MixitWin. All programs have comprehensive help screens. 

Current customers can upgrade their software and retain their data - email us for upgrade pricing and details.

Feed Formulation Programs US $
 MIXIT-WIN version 6  2795
 Automatic Processing
 Parametric Reports  495
 Feed Labels  495
 Client Data   495
 Inventory  595
 Prices  595
 BeefPro  595
 EggPro 1500
 Animal Data 75

Animal Data Sets $75 each

Animal Data
         Beef     Ruminants
         Dairy     Horse
         Swine     Zoo
         Poultry     Mink & Fox
         Broiler     Finfish
         Game Bird     Trout & Salmon
         Turkey     Catfish
         Goat     Tilapia
         Dog & Cat     Shrimp
         Sheep     Blends 

Preparation, Shipping, Tax US $
 USA or Canada  45
 All other countries 115
 California Sales Tax*  7.75%

*Only for purchases shipped to a California address

ASC currently accepts payment by check (US funds on US bank) or bank wire transfer (ask for details)

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